Getting Started with Lenovo Device Manager

Getting Started with Lenovo Device Manager


As the demand for more devices grows and the move to the cloud continues, Lenovo Device Manager (LDM) provides a flexible, scalable endpoint and app management solution for any Lenovo Windows, Linux or Android device. Organizations can quickly and easily customize LDM features and add partner services using a simple wizard, without additional development resources.

As an IT Manager or Analyst, you now have additional tools in your toolkit that enable you to be more in touch with device health issues and application management before they negatively impact employee experience.


  1. Single pane of glass to monitor your fleet of devices
  2. Robust device details and health status
  3. Hardware monitoring of storage, battery, deployment
  4. Quick deployment of software and add-on services
  5. Better end-user experience
  6. Safe, secure platform

Getting Started with LDM

Your Lenovo Account representative will initiate the process of getting your organization tenant created. When the tenant has been created, the IT Owner specified to your organization will receive an email from LDM mentioning that an account has been created. Access the LDM portal sign-on page using the link in the email and begin the setup process. You will be required to create a Lenovo ID to access the LDM portal. Once you are insiden the following items will help you to get going quickly:
  1. Managing a Lenovo Device Manager Organization
  2. Adding Windows Devices
  3. Adding Android Devices
  4. Adding Linux Devices

Technical Details

Please review Lenovo Device Manager Requirements to find additional environment configuration items that may be needed. If you run into any problems, please see our Troubleshooting FAQ


We have a staffed support team to assist you. Our business hours are 8am-6pm EST.  You can reach out to us via email at Please include your organization's name when contacting us.
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