Using Lenovo Device Manager Dashboard

Using Lenovo Device Manager Dashboard

Dashboard is the home page for Lenovo Device Manager and offers an at-a-glance overview of the devices in your organization. The Dashboard consists of several widgets, where each widget represents different device management categories. Clicking on metrics displayed on a chart will navigate the user to the corresponding detail pages throughout the portal. This data is updated throughout the day. You can manually refresh the data by clicking the Refresh button at the top right of the dashboard.

Dashboard Widgets

Total Devices

Displays the total count of devices claimed on Lenovo Client Remote Management with the licensing status. Clicking on Active or Pending charts will automatically navigate you to the Device list, filtered by the status selected.

Device Connectivity

Displays device connectivity status, highlighting devices that are currently online or offline. Unavailable devices are the ones that have not yet been fully claimed on LDM. For more information read Managing Devices in Lenovo Device Manager.

Device - Type and Operating System

Displays a breakdown of devices by Device Type and Operating System. Allows you to track the number of each device being managed through LDM.

Intel vPro® Assets

Summarizes the Intel vPro® device asset details, including all monitored hardware components.

Current Alerts and Events

Provides information on any alerts detected over the last 7 days as of the last data update. Clicking on a category will navigate you to the issue report for the respective category, listing impacted devices. Clicking on the Intel vPro® tab will show asset change alerts. For full details and alert history, navigate to the Reports section from the left navigation menu.

Apps and Deployments

Provides an overview of the different app types being managed through LDM as well as number of deployments across devices.

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