Managing Licenses

Managing Licenses

Lenovo Device Manager operates on a device-based SaaS model. Licenses can be purchased through standard Lenovo channels and applied to UDS / LDM. Within the LDM portal, administrators may view the licenses purchased for the organization and easily assign the licenses to devices. Devices can be claimed and provisioned but can only be fully managed through LDM once a license has been applied.

There are two types of licenses, Basic and Premium; each license type comes with a different bundle of features.  In turn, a license can be Commercial or Trial. The type of license purchased will be indicated by the License name on the Organization Account page and, once assigned, on the Device list and on the Device tray. 

Accessing the License Details

Organization Administrators and IT Admins can manage licenses by clicking Organization Account under your User Icon in the top ribbon.
  1. Select the user profile in the top right of the portal.
  2. Click on Organization Account.
  3. Select the Licenses tab to view the organization's License subscription details.

If your organization is a Managed Organization, you can access the License details by clicking the Licenses option from the left navigation menu. This will display the list of licenses assigned and the option to transfer the license(s) to the managed organization. For more details, please refer the Managed Organization KB article.

Assigning Licenses to Devices

  1. Click on Assignments. The list of claimed devices is displayed on the left; assigned licenses are displayed on the right. 
  2. Check the number of available licenses - the number is displayed next to Assigned Licenses -.
  3. Sort the device list or use the Search box to find the device.
  4. Click on the > to the right of the device information to assign a license to the device. The device moves to the Assigned Licenses side. 
The device status changes to Licensed. This is displayed in the Device Manager > Devices page.

Licenses with the least remaining time are assigned first. The Order History tab under Organization Account provides the time remaining for a license.

If an actively licensed device is deleted from the LDM portal, the license will become available again and can be re-assigned to another device until it expires

Removing a License from a Device

  1. In the Organization Account page, click Assignments under Licenses tab.
  2. Find the device(s) from the list by sorting, scrolling, or using the Search feature under Assigned Licenses.
  3. Click on the < to the left of the device information to remove the license from the device.
    The device moves to the Devices list, and the number of available licenses is increased by one. 

Replacing a Trial License with a Full License

When a trial license expires and is replaced with a full license, the license is automatically assigned to the claimed devices. This is reflected in the Assignments page and can be modified accordingly (i.e. assigning licenses to different devices).
If a full license has not yet been purchased when a trial license expires, the device is returned to the Devices list on the Assignments page. The license status will be changed to Unlocked in the Device Management > Devices page. The device will continue to be claimed but will not have full management functionality through LDM until a paid license is assigned to the device.

Renewing a License

By default, the Auto-assign option is enabled for each device. With this feature enabled, a new license will be assigned automatically once the current license expires. 

If auto-assign is disabled, the device license will expire and the device will return to the Devices list on the Assignments page, and the device status will change to Unlicensed in the Device Management > Devices page. The device will continue to be claimed but will not have full management functionality through LDM until a paid license is assigned to the device. To renew a license manually, refer to the Assigning Licenses to Devices section above.

Managing License Purchases

Organization Administrators can view license subscriptions and use the time remaining and billing term details to plan for future device management needs. Click on Order History tab from the main Organization Account page to view and export information on licenses purchased within the organization.

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