Lenovo Device Manager Solution Release Notes v24.3

Lenovo Device Manager Solution Release Notes v24.3

Lenovo Device Manager Solution Release Notes v24.3

New Features Added

1.    Power Management – PeakShift (Beta)

  1. Adds a new option for power management programs that allows users to schedule ThinkPads to switch from AC power to battery automatically. PeakShift is available only on ThinkPads.

2.    System Update Preferences

  1. Allows users to customize System Update preferences through Policy Management/Org Settings.
  2. Provides the automatic installation of System Updates without Vantage System Update Scheduler.
  3. Org Admins can automate the scanning process to check for updates across their fleet every Monday at 6am. On-demand scanning is still available from the System Update page.
  4.  Adds the ability to schedule the scanning and automatic update of critical and recommended updates on a weekly or monthly basis.

3.    Windows ARM Support

  1. Introduces Windows ARM support, including a special provisioning package available for PCs and SmartEdge devices. 
  2. Adds UDC version and package details to the Device Trays for all device and OS types.
  3. Highlights ARM devices on the Device Management device table.

4.     Application Inventory

  1. Provides a snapshot of a device’s installed software on the Device Tray.
  2. Shows a fleet-wide view of all software installed and uninstalled through a Software Inventory Audit log, giving quick access to the org’s software footprint. This information is also displayed as an alert on the Dashboard.
  3. Available for all Windows and Android devices.

5.     Generic Hardware Asset Management

  1. Expands Hardware Asset information to all Windows and Android devices on the Device Tray.
  2. Provides asset inventory view by component on the Hardware Asset Inventory page. This information allows users to drill down to a device level for informed asset management.
  3. Provides ability to track component additions, replacements, and removals on the Hardware Asset Change Log.
  4. Components include: CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Storage, Monitor, and Network Card.

6.      LDM Enhancements

  1. Adds new “Trial” license label on Device List and Device Tray.
  2. Improved Remote Desktop display adjustment responses.
  3. Provides all scheduling based on device time zone.
  4. Removes “Unavailable” device count from Dashboard.
  5. Improves multiple UX issues across portal. 

Bugs Fixed


  1. [App Management] Successfully deployed, scheduled apps cannot be deleted from App tray with ‘delete’ button (DMS-7589).
  2. [Device Management][Android] The count of selected Restricted Settings disappear (DMS-6989).
  3. [Intel vPro] Can’t close “Install Intel vPro” dialog by clicking “X” (DMS-5914).
  4. [User Management] Search results in User Groups page may also include Device Group results (DMS-4686).

Known Issues 

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