Customizing LDM Portal

Customizing LDM Portal

Lenovo Device Manager (LDM) offers the customization capability to administrators to select specific devices, OS, and device management features within a specific organization's LDM instance. For new organization(s), LDM supports all devices and operating systems by default.

The first step in customizing the LDM portal is to select the device type(s) supported within the organization. Say, for instance, Smart Edge devices and AR/VR devices are not supported within the organization. Uncheck the checkboxes and click Next to move to the next step.
Once a device has been claimed under a specific device type, user cannot remove the specific device type during customization.

In the second step, select the configurable actions for the device types. Click Select All to select all the configurable actions. Alternatively, you can select your preferred actions and move them to the workspace area. Click Next. Repeat the same steps for the other chosen device types. To add or remove a device type, click on Change devices and re-select the devices. Perform the same steps to select the configurable actions for the selected device types. Only the selected devices can be claimed under Device Management section. Click Dashboard Features to move to the next step.
Operating System selections can be removed and added back later, but at least one applicable operating system must be selected for every device.
Once a device has been claimed with the selected operating system, user cannot remove the specific OS during customization.
In the third step, select the features (widgets) you want to see on your Dashboard page. By default, all the features will be enabled. Un-select the checkbox to remove a feature from the dashboard. Click Select All to select all the features and Deselect All to remove all the features from the dashboard. Click Next to move to the next step. If no dashboard features (widgets) are selected, you will see the below message.
Dashboard items have been removed from your portal. Org Admins can add Dashboard statistics with the Customization tool.

In the last step, view the customization changes you have done and confirm your preferences. Click Change if you want to make any changes to the customizations. Click Apply to confirm your preferences.

The customizations will be applied on the LDM Portal. Click on Go to Lenovo Device Manager portal or Customization Home to navigate to the dashboard and validate the changes.

For instance, based on the above selection, the dashboard will contain only four features (widgets) - Total Devices, Devices Connectivity, Devices Types and Alerts. Users will be able to claim only two device types - PC and Mobile/Tablet.

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