Creating a Lenovo Device Manager Organization

Creating a Lenovo Device Manager Organization

Organization Setup

When your organization's portal is created, a single administrative account will be created. The IT Owner (Org Admin) specified to Lenovo at the time of sale will receive a Lenovo Device Manager (LDM) e-mail indicating that he or she has been granted access to your organization. Clicking on the link will open the Sign on page where he or she can log in to LDM as an Organization Administrator.  With this administrative account, org admins can configure the portal, invite users, and add devices.

Organization Account

Account details for your organization can be accessed by clicking Organization Account under your User Icon in the top ribbon. The following options are available under the Profile tab: 
  1. Update Organization Name                                          
  2. Update Organization Country
  3. Update Organization Website
  4. Update Organization Address
  5. Update Organization Profile Image

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